Managers must take responsibility for the team members, not just the team deliverables

It’s obvious that a manager is responsible for the teams’ deliverables. They’re responsible for the outcomes, quality of the output and ensuring deadlines are met. But is that all they’re responsible for?

If you ask me, the team members are responsible for the deliverables. The manager should simply be responsible for the team members, their growth and morale. The deliverables will follow.

If you’re a manager, are these questions keeping you up at night?

Are my team members happy? Are they learning something new? Do they feel valued in the organisation? Do they feel like they’re growing? Am I giving them constant feedback? Am I coaching them? Am I having enough 1-on-1 conversations with them? Do they understand individual/team/company goals? Are they comfortable speaking up? Am I nudging them outside their comfort levels? Are they getting enough interaction opportunities outside the team? Are they excited about work? Do they have visibility into what I do? Are they good enough to replace me? Can I promote them and get out of the way?

If you’re worried about this, then the team will worry about the deliverables :)

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