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Why I use Roam Research

Here are 5 simple ways in which I use Roam Research along with the examples

Meetings and documentation have an invisibly inverse relationship

Why do Introverts get annoyed at workplace?

This post explores why introverts get annoyed at modern workplace thanks to the open office setup and an environment stacked against them.

Work vacations — secret ingredient to creative solutions?

This post proposes a unconventional solution to solve complex problems. Problems that need utmost focus.

Organisations must actively discourage grunt work

Single page resumes should become the default

8 things you can do before and after a meeting

Why aren't you taking down more notes?

No one stole your idea, you were just too lazy to execute it

There are no constraints except ethical, moral & legal

Worrying about "What If" situations is useless

The Automation Muscle

Quick decisions vs reckless decisions

Number of slides don't matter

If you're not using mindmaps, you're missing out

Don't waste time on the hypothesis war

Don't let your high bar get in the way of execution

Ask Google before you ask a colleague