Business Humour Consulting

Business Humour Consulting

Hi, I’m Sanjeev NC and I help businesses leverage humour in their marketing. As a B2B SaaS generalist who’s worked across customer support, product management, sales and marketing I bring my domain expertise and humour to create content that will resonate with your audience. If you’re a SaaS company looking to increase your brand awareness, then I might be able to help you.

Why is business humour essential?

Marketing is monotnous. Your competitior is probably saying the same thing that you are, by just replacing a few adjectives here or there. To stand out from the crowd, your marketing need something that strikes a chord with your audience. That’s humour. Everyone likes to laugh.

How can I use humour in my businesses?

You can possibly do many things across social media, email marketing and paid ads. The important thing is to identify what resonates most with your target audience.

Why should we hire you as a business humour consultant?

SaaS expertise

I have a strong diversified background in SaaS which means I’ll be able to understand your product and target audience without much effort. That deeper level of empathy with your target audience combined with my content creation skillset will mean the content will most likely land strong.

Proven Engagement

Over the last couple of years, I’ve created a lot of business humour content in forms of memes and TikTok style reels. Here’s a sample content that did pretty well on Linkedin (where business folks hang out)

Strategic Partnership

This will be beyond a transactional partnership. The content I create will also include my own expertise and understanding of your business and audience. I’ll also be able to advise on general business humour best practices, if needed

What’s the nature of engagement?

Primarily, businesses hire me to create memes and TikTok style videos for them. I have a strong preference of working with SaaS products that I understand but I’m open to content creation for any domain.

If we’re working together, I’ll create memes and TikTok style sketch videos that you can use for your marketing.

Check out my YouTube channel for sample videos

If you want to work together, please send me an email at