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Hi, I’m Sanjeev NC!

I am a co-founder & Chief Meme Officer at , an AI Meme Generator and a business humour consultant. I write about Productivity , Learning and Influence - three pilliars of career growth. Also Product Management and SaaS

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How Side Projects Benefit Companies

In this insightful blog post, we explore the benefits of encouraging side projects in companies. Discover how embracing employees' passions and personal pursuits can foster cross-pollination of skills, and enhance both personal and company branding.

Website visitor mistakes B2B website for charity, donates 1,000 Rs

A website visitor mistook a B2B website for a charity and donated 1,000 Rs. What happened next will blow your mind.

Startup employee wears formal shirt to office, promoted to VP

A startup employee walks into the office in formals and walks out with a promotion. Find out why.

Meme as a Idea Validator

How memes could be the quickest way to validate your idea

Product Management - A Shreyas Doshi Thread

Here's a curation of some Shreyas Doshi tweets, arranged in an order that's easy to consume