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Hi, I’m Sanjeev NC!

I am a co-founder & Chief Meme Officer at , an AI Meme Generator and a business humour consultant. I write about Productivity , Learning and Influence - three pilliars of career growth. Also Product Management and SaaS

Every week, I'll send you links to interesting things I learn, underrated book recommendations and something to make you laugh

Website visitor mistakes B2B website for charity, donates 1,000 Rs

A website visitor mistook a B2B website for a charity and donated 1,000 Rs. What happened next will blow your mind.

Startup employee wears formal shirt to office, promoted to VP

A startup employee walks into the office in formals and walks out with a promotion. Find out why.

Meme as a Idea Validator

How memes could be the quickest way to validate your idea

Product Management - A Shreyas Doshi Thread

Here's a curation of some Shreyas Doshi tweets, arranged in an order that's easy to consume

Organisations Must Self-Destruct

Organisations must self-destruct or run the risk of roaming the world as lifeless zombies