Here’s why everyone, especially leaders, should have open calendars. I benefited a lot from calendar stalking. It’s my favourite post-lunch activity to do and I’ve never been shy about admitting it

Stalking open calendars also help time your emails strategically. I usually send an email with an idea to solve a problem, right after they step out of a meeting discussing that same problem. Your chances of getting their attention are super high

Open calendars with a filled agenda shows the height of transparency. Protecting info about what you’re working on should be an exception, not the norm.

A leader’s open calendar is a wealth of information for everyone in the org. Their current priorities will be most accurately reflected in their calendar.

Open calendars are also an invitation for collaboration. You never know where your next collaboration opportunity is.

Open calendars also a great source of learning. If I look up to someone in the org, understanding how they’ve organised their day is valuable information.

Leaders should default to open calendars. Hide events that you don’t want people to see.

Of course, I haven’t been around enough to claim there are no downsides to this. Any downsides I’m blindsided to?

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