Ask Google before you ask your colleagues for help

It’s so easy, so easy, to just walk up to a colleague (or call them) and go “Can you help? I’m doing this for the 1st time.” While this may be perceived as “collaboration”, it really isn’t.

It’s simply eating up 1 more person’s work hours. Plus, this also makes 2 people accountable for a job where it really should’ve been just 1.

Exploring the internet on a new topic will also give you a lot more than just getting your job done. While exploring, you will also stumble upon different things that will give you newer perspectives

Here’s my journey when I start learning something new

1) Search for a basic terms like “How to write a blog”, “blog writing best practices”, “best blog examples”

2) Search for the same terms on YouTube and watch videos on 2x

3) Look at how competitors have done the same thing

4) Search for free/affordable courses on the topic

5) Find people who’ve created these content and follow them on Twitter/Linkedin

6) Take extensive notes with links to all the resources, becomes a guide for someone in the future

Once you get comfortable with the skill

7) Create content about it with your own perspectives and inputs

8) Talk about it on Linkedin ;)

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