Safe space is something you create, not talk about. If you’ve done your job right, there will be no need to say “This is a safe space”

An office can have varying degrees of psychological safety depending upon the leader. Managers/Team Leads are solely responsible for creating a safe space in their team.

Full Disclaimer - I’m no expert but I simply wanted to share things that I’ve observed. Diff perspectives, welcome.

Don’t: Ask “Why are you leaving early/taking the day off?” Call them to your desk, you go to theirs Ask them to re-share a link, find it yourself if you can Reschedule/cancel meetings that they’ve scheduled Say “That’s how things happen here”, give them a reason Joke around topics that someone’s uncomfortable with Ask “Why weren’t you at the desk?” Wait for them to ask for help, you offer Showoff your knowledge, no one enjoys learning from a know-it-all Cut off a conversation mid way, let them finish what they have to say

Do: Your share of grunt work for the team Check their communication preferences before calling/texting them Have silly conversations that both parties enjoy Invest time in getting to know your team

Most of these might seem small but that’s what it takes. Consistent, repeated small acts of positivity.

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