Most of my ideas/thoughts are either Twitter threads or long Linkedin posts. Here’s why

1) Easier to consume. Blog posts are at least one click away. Most of the time, I bookmark articles and never get to them. Social media posts can be consumed as you scroll through

2) Easier to publish. I don’t have to worry about editing, formatting, SEO, cover image. Nothing. Just write. Post. That’s all.

3) Better engagement. When was the last time you commented on a blog post? The things I share are based on my perspectives and therefore I’m very interested in hearing other perspectives. Social media is better to invite other people to the conversation

4) Harder to ramble I ramble. The word limit on these platforms forces me to write concisely and include only what’s necessary

5) Wider reach Social media platforms (Especially Linkedin) promote their own content over links from other platform

There are significant downsides to publishing ONLY on social media. Hard to recover older posts. Shorter life span for content. Cannot be discovered via Google.

I wish I could turn these all into full fledged blog posts but if I wait for that, then they would forever remain in my drafts 😃

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