If you really want to grow within an organisation, you have to continuously make yourself redundant.

Sounds very counter intuitive, doesn’t it?

Hoarding information, power, responsibility is sometimes an instinctive reaction. You don’t want to share that document, you don’t want to add someone to a meeting, you don’t want to discuss your idea until it’s done but if you don’t do that - you might be stuck forever in that loop, doing the same things over and over again.

Start letting go of things slowly once you’re comfortable. Newer things will start falling on your plate. Bigger things, maybe.

Always look for ways to make yourself redundant.

Are you the go-to person on your team? Train someone to be that person Building a super insightful report every week? Automate it Learnt a new skill that benefits the team? Teach everyone else Do a training every month? Train 5 other trainers Only you know how to resolve a specific bug? Document and share

This will ensure that there’s no dependancy on you and THAT gives you the space to keep expanding and growing!

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