Don’t let your own high bar get in the way of execution

Having a high bar is GREAT! It means you have no tolerance for low quality, you don’t want to put out sub par work with your name on it and you won’t let things ship until YOU are happy with it.

That’s where the trouble is. Quality is subjective.

Imagine writing a blog post, finish it fully and scrapping it because you weren’t ‘happy’ with it. When you’re working for a business, what YOU think about your own work doesn’t matter. The actual results matter and the only way to find out is to ship, test and experiment.

Using your own judgement (or your close peers) to decide NOT to do something isn’t always ideal because you’re basing your judgement on your perception. For all you know, you hate what you’ve built but your target audience might love it! You’ll never know until it goes out. (Tried hard and failed to insert a Schrödinger’s cat reference here)

It doesn’t matter if you like something or not. It only matters if it brings the desired results. As long as it does, you’re okay. The only way to find out is by putting your work out there.

Have your high bar, no problem. Have it only for yourself! Don’t let that stop you from putting your work out there :)

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