The only true constraints are ethical, moral and legal. Everything else exists only inside your head!

“I don’t know enough to try for that role. I’m not ready yet” “I wish I had an MBA. They will only accept MBA grads” “I really want to learn that skill but that course/book is just too expensive” “I don’t know enough. I must learn A, B & C before asking for that opportunity” “I’ve never done it before, so let me not volunteer for this project” “The job description says 5+ years experience. I can’t apply!” “My colleagues won’t teach me! How can I grow?” “No one listens to my idea. How can I implement it?” “The HR didn’t call back. I’m not getting that opportunity” “I’m too young to be a conference speaker.”

Countless other reasons we tell ourselves to not do something.

Inexperienced? Write a convincing cover letter with a portfolio attached and see what happens Too expensive? Try emailing them and ask for a discount in exchange of a review No one’s teaching? Sign up for courses, learn it yourself No one’s listening to your idea? Hire/find a developer to build it HR didn’t call back? Find the hiring manager on Linkedin Too young to be a speaker? Apply for that speaking slot anyways

There is always a way. You’ll only see it if you break your imaginary constraint

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