Companies should experiment with a ‘Personal Branding’ team who identify individuals with potential and amplify their brand. A lot more return on investment than fully investing on company brand. Here’s a simplified explanation.

People are more likely to trust people over brands. There are enough examples in the internet for people who have crafted personal brands and converted that into a successful revenue generating source (David Perell, Dave Gerhardt, Jack Butcher)

There might be at least 20 people in a 500 member who have the potential to create an audience for themselves but need help with it. But they need help.

Now, imagine if those 20 ppl build a modest 500 member audience each. That’s 10,000 people. The first thing you do when you discover someone online is to find out what they do for a living. That’s going to lead the audience to your company.

The conversion rates aren’t going to be super high but again, when has it ever been high? Attribution is also difficult but not impossible.

The trick is to never use this channel to sell or directly market your company.

Once you start using your personal brand to talk about your employer, you no longer have a personal brand. You have an extension of your employer’s brand

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