Posting on social media is easy, yet difficult. Very easy to get lost in metrics like likes, shares, comments and #trending’ posts. These are outcomes, not objectives.

Instead, focus on:

1) Value over Virality Virality is overrated. A stolen meme, inspired quote, frustrated rant or controversial opinions can all get you virality. Focus on providing value to the readers. Value can come from - new perspectives, collated information or simply making someone smile.

2) Consistency over Quality Well, don’t post awful content just for consistency, that’s not gonna help. Share valuable content at regular intervals. Don’t worry about perfect grammar, fancy words or groundbreaking thoughts. Just content that /someone/ might find useful. That’s all.

3) Actionable over Ambiguous “Never stop learning” - yes, all of us know it. We need to know HOW. Focus on sharing actionable tips over things that people already know.

4) Natural over Cliches Not everything need to be delivered through a poem, or a well designed Canva poster. Post content like how you would text someone.

5) Revisit over Innovate Don’t force yourself to think of new stuff everyday. Something you shared a month or two ago would’ve evolved in your own mind. Revisit that and reiterate.

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