• Recruiters scan resume, they don’t have time to read them


  • Summary: 5 - 7 words
  • Past experience: 3 key points under a role, 7 - 9 words in a point
  • Awards, rewards & external validation
  • Showcase yourd work (Portfolio, Blog, GitHub)
  • Educational qualification: 1 line. Include in header if you can
  • Significant certifications: Think twice before including that Udemy course
  • A headshot
  • Contact details


  • Objective: Everyone knows you want to join a fast growing company that can accelerate your career growth
  • Marks: No one cares
  • Personal details
  • Detailed explanations about all the projects you’ve worked on, save it for the phone call
  • Words like “Excellent”, “Exceptional” & “Successful”. Use proof points, instead

Don’t worry about leaving out many details. Just look at the job description of the role and include only what’s relevant for the role (Use the same words from the job description, if you can)

The goal of a #resume is to make the recruiter curious enough to give you a call. It’s not for you to land the job.

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