Have you ever looked at few social media posts and wondered “How did THIS manage to get so much engagement?” You’re not alone.

Your social media content reach is a function of BOTH your #content and #audience

1) What’s trivial/useless to you is useful to someone else Imagine a library. It has books for everything - right from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. If you’re learning advanced calculus, you’ll simply walk past the basic arithmetic books. But then, you’re not the only person in the library. Our experiences shape what we know. Someone else wouldn’t gone through what you did and hence, it makes sense to share those learnings.

2) Wider your network, better chances of adding value When you start out, your network is limited to your immediate circle. Your peers. Whatever you share may not be useful, to them, hence engagement might be low. This will change once you build a wider network and start reaching beyond your 2nd degree connections. You’ll usually find a direct correlation between those with wider audience and solid engagement.

But there are exceptions. Few truly abysmal posts also get a lot of engagement and I honestly can’t figure out why 🤷🏽‍♂️

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