Structured learning (courses, workshops & guidebooks, not webinars, blogs, popular books or podcasts) is under-appreciated, even discouraged.

They’re expensive, require long term commitment and don’t enjoy the same attention as shorter content pieces (nothing against them).

Our education system does a really good job of associating a negative connotation to “learning”. It’s a rote learning method that doesn’t focus on applications or examples.

We also assume that we can “learn on the job” and even convince ourselves that it’s the best way. There are enough examples around us, as well.

Invest in the right classes, courses or books for

1) Curriculum driven learning A good curriculum neatly arranges the learning material so that one builds on top of the other. Accelerates your learning.

2) A proper intro to a topic, rather than plunging into it Imagine learning calculus without knowing basic math. You’ll eventually figure out basic math but wouldn’t it have been faster if you had known basic math?

3) You learn from the world When you learn on the job, your learnings are limited to those around you.

I also personally enjoy the exams at the end! ;)

There are many bad options out there, so do your research before picking the right ones.

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