Switching roles/teams early in your career is under-appreciated, sometimes even actively discouraged. If done for the right reasons, could be the best thing ever

DO consider switching teams when:

1) You know it’s not your calling You’ll just know. But give it 6 months to a year before you decide.

2) You’ve gained at least 60% mastery People on the team constantly ask you for your opinion. You’ve executed a major project.

3) It contributes to a long term goal eg. You want to be a divisional head 5 years from now. You’re currently in marketing and you want to switch to sales to master that skill

DON’T consider switching teams when:

1) You’re bored of the job You’ll risk your credibility. It’s also a sign of immaturity. No guarantee you won’t be bored of the next role

2) You’re attracted by a different role/team Common mistake. If the team change attraction is inbound (you saw their work/team and you want to be part of it), it’s never for the right reasons. Dig deeper

3) You know it’s your calling If you know this is what you want to do for the rest of your life, stick to it. Don’t switch teams because “I’ve bene doing this for a while”

The biggest benefit of switching is you fully understand a vertical. 10x better than reading a blog post about it.

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