Website visitor mistakes B2B website for charity, donates 1,000 Rs

BondaVision Inc is a B2B company that uses AI technology to identify vulnerabilities in legal bonds. Rocky Raghu, who stumbled upon the website while looking for niche bondas, mistook it to be a charity and donated 1,000 Rs. Rocky only realised his mistake when he couldn’t get an 80G receipt.

“After finishing the donation, I checked my inbox for the 80G but I only found spam email” said Rocky alluding to the onboarding emails sent by BondaVision

When we asked Rocky about the mistake, he said “The website had phrases like ‘changing the world’ and ‘transforming millions of lives’ with photos of many people. I thought they did charity using AI.”

The PR team at BondaVision refused to comment but we managed to find an insider from the marketing team who said “While making the website, we were asked to ‘keep it at a high level’ and ‘talk about the big picture’. That’s exactly what we did. We were specifically asked not to talk about what we do, except the AI part”. The insider requested to be anonymous so here’s his Twitter handle.

Rocky is planning to sue the company for misinformation with a non-negotiable condition of receiving an 80G receipt for his ‘donation’.

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