Not a fan of “What if?” situations, especially when it comes to career decisions

Often times, you’re wondering what’s the right ‘next step’ for you. You think you’re being smart when you plan 10, 20 sometimes even 50 steps ahead. And you find enough reasons not to do something because “What if that company never takes off?”, “What if I lose my safety/security?”, “What if that role becomes irrelevant 5 years from now?”, “What if I move out of this role and I lose my advantage?”

Well, no one really planned for “What if there’s a global pandemic?” and yet here we are, living through these times

I believe in planning for the next 1 or 2 steps at the max compared to 50 steps. When you start planning too much into the future, you start adding imaginary variables and making strong assumptions which you are in no position to make.

I hate hypothetical conversations about the future. They’re an absolute waste of time when you don’t have enough information to draw conclusions. Even more harmful when you use that information to NOT do something you want to do.

Instead, focus on the immediate short term and let the long term play out eventually.

You need to have a long term #vision of what you want to be but not always a long term #plan of how you’re going to get there.

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