Want to write but wondering “Who will read it?” You from 5 years ago will read it. Write for that person and many others like that.

The first thought that enters your mind when you want to share something online is “Well, is this even useful?”. To you, it isn’t but you’re not writing for yourself. It’s foolish to evaluate your own writing from the POV of “Is it useful?”. Well, it won’t look useful to you now because YOU WROTE IT!

Instead ask - “If I had read this 5 years ago, would I have found it useful?”

Don’t fall into these traps

“I know so little, how can I write?” You definitely know something that others don’t. That’s why you want to write. Share what you’ve learnt. Let others decide.

“None of my colleagues will find this useful” Then don’t write for them. Find people who want to get to where you are. Write for them.

“I’m not good at writing” Write like you text. Write like you send emails. Write like you talk. You don’t need a “social media voice”. Just use your voice.

Your first few posts may not be relevant to your immediate circle, hence low traction. I’d like to believe that if you keep writing consistently - your posts find its way to people who will find it valuable!

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