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Hi, I’m Sanjeev NC!

I am a co-founder & Chief Meme Officer at , an AI Meme Generator and a business humour consultant. I write about Productivity , Learning and Influence - three pilliars of career growth. Also Product Management and SaaS

Every week, I'll send you links to interesting things I learn, underrated book recommendations and something to make you laugh

Organisations Must Self-Destruct

Organisations must self-destruct or run the risk of roaming the world as lifeless zombies

Why I use Roam Research

Here are 5 simple ways in which I use Roam Research along with the examples

Annual Review - 2020

Here is my annual review. It contains my 2020 experiences and the things I learnt. I also write about what I intend to do in 2021.

Product Experience Maturity Index

The Product Experience Maturity Index is a five level index that shows you how to better your product experience.

Meetings and documentation have an invisibly inverse relationship